New-era alternative for Bottled Water - Reasons To Go Bottle-free

Going Bottlefree brings many benefits to you, the environment, and your organization. If you are currently subscribing to bottled water delivery for your office or consuming single-use bottled water daily, here are a few reasons why you may want to change your water consumption habits by switching over to point-of-use bottleless water coolers. Bottlefree Vancouver provides a smarter alternative with reverse-osmosis and ultra-filtration systems.

It's better for you

  • Operates in a closed system (no direct contact with air), abolishing the chance for aerial bacteria, germs, or dust to contaminate your drinking water, giving you the cleanest purified water right into your cup
  • Eliminates the handling of heavy water bottles and the potential risk of injury
  • Reduces expense - producing water whose quality is superior to expensive single-use bottled water at only a fraction of the cost, why would you buy bottled water?

It's better for the environment

  • Eliminates the need for bottled water delivery trucks, reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduces energy consumption in producing, recycling, and reproducing plastic bottles
  • Decreases overall plastic bottle waste

It's better for your organization

  • No more bottles! De-clutters valuable office space as there is no need to store any bulky water bottles
  • Increases productivity by reducing accounting and administration work
  • No more hassles! Removes the concern of delivery dates, water shortage, blocking of parking stalls, and all the other problems that come with traditional water coolers
  • Saves your company money, providing an unlimited supply of purified water for a fixed low monthly rental and service rate

Find out just how much you can save by going Bottlefree with our Savings Calculator!


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